Sunday, 13 March 2016

Syllabus of graphic design course and advantage of joining regular course

Graphic course involves learning various software applications, which helps a student to master the Photoshop, illustrator, image editing, web design, graphic animation and image editing. The entire syllabus is taught to the student in a step by step approach to enable him or her to grasp the basic concepts clearly and easily.

At first the students are given introduction to the graphic design industry. This is achieved through use of internet, magazines etc. Some back ground of the graphic design is also provided in form of history of graphic design and then its future possibilities.  This step is followed by introduction to multimedia elements and software of the graphic design. Student learns how to use different elements to create the relevant graphic projects.  Here students learn to handle computer, scanner, printer, camera and digital tablet etc. Then a student graduates to make graphic projects and learn about design elements. A student creates color schemes using graphic software. He or she also learn to create original alphabet based on a theme.

Next step is teaching the principles of design by projects. They create posters, original designs with emotions, magazine covers, candy wrapper, and product ads. They review the projects and give presentation to class.  At this stage, students learn about contrast, dominance, harmony, pattern, movements, variety, rhythm, and balance. They also create a business model and make a brand of that model with magazine and commercial ad. They learn the anatomy of a letter, typography guidelines, typographic measurements, typefaces and topography standards.  Then students go to create images for web and print. They learn how and when to create an image format for projects. Logos and ad covers are also created by them at this state of training. In image editing section, the students use images from internet to make project with cite sources and learn whether they can use the without copy right issue. During the last stages of the training, student are taught to search on the need of the client, identify the problem and try to find solution to it. Give visual solutions in programs and present the project to clients.

The duration of course web designing course in Delhi can be from 6 months to 18 months depending on whether is it diploma level or graduation level course The eligibility for diploma courses is be 10+ 2. The graduation level graphic design course can be done after graduation. These days many institutions are providing online course in graphic design. But for better understanding of the fundamental of the course, graphic design courses in Delhi one should join the regular course. The guidance from expert faculty and practical working on project will help a student to absorb more during the course duration. Some institution arranges the expert lecture from leading graphic designers to give some insight into graphic designing. Student also learns the actual situation which a graphic designer faces in real working life.

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