Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Basic tips to learn speaking French language

French is one of the most favorite foreign languages spoken as second language around the world. It is considered the language of romance and culture. It is official language in 29 countries and one of the official language of the various world bodies such as United Nations and other agencies of the United Nations. It is also spoken in parts of Canada and several African countries.

One of the easiest and simple ways to learn any language is to speak with someone, who is native speaker of that language. But since this is not possible, the best alternative is to listen to programs in that language and try to get the feel of the language. Simultaneously with this exercise, one can buy some audio tapes or recording of the French language. There are several online companies selling audio lessons of French language. Buy them and learn few phrases every day. One should try to learn phrases rather than words.  Simple basic phrases will make you familiar with basic words automatically. Repeat the phrases as many times as possible in a day. Then next day take another few phrases and speak them in the same manner. Repeat each phrase before learning new one.  This is not rote learning; this is way to understand the basic blocks of the language.

After learning basic blocks, one can easy learn the any new sentence. This will also help one to understand new sentence and make new sentence from the few basic words or phrases.  No one can learn all the sentences, which are there in a language, or which one is likely to speak. But learning few basic phrases by heart and then making new sentence by the words learned is one of the effective techniques in learning language including French.  There is no one perfect way to reach the goal of gaining master in any language. One has to take series of steps. Another step is to watch the programs or listen to programs in the chosen language.  These days it is easy to down load any program of French language course in Delhi.

The French language and listen to it, even if one is not able to understand all the content.  Picking of words and trying to understand the spoken sentences helps a person to learn the language quickly. Studies have shown that this way brain tries to find new way to learn new information. And information or language learned this way goes into permanent memory. If one is not able to get the good audio files of the French language. Then the best way is to join a reputed institutor in foreign language. These institutes create the learning capsules of the language starting from the basic to advanced levels. They employ experienced teachers English speaking course in Delhi and provide basic tips for picking up language. Same above methods can be applied to any language including English. . 

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