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Master French and English Language Speaking with Easy Fluency Tips

French language course in Delhi
The growing connectivity of the world has brought people from different cultures together. This togetherness has increased the desire to know different cultures. And one of the best ways to learn a different culture is, to learn the language of the culture, so that one can mix easily with the people and   get the chance to understand the culture at first hand.

Of all the languages which a person wants to learn, the English and French occupy top positions.  The reason is not far to seek. Both languages are spoken in large number of countries across continents.  Both of the languages come top as far as use of internet is concerned. The major international bodies like the United Nations use English and French as official languages.  

 Why you should know French language?  

The growing tourism sector employs large number of people with multiple language skills. French is one of the largest used languages in tourism sector. Every year millions of French tourists arrive in India. And the growing economy and vast cultural landscape of country will attract more people for business as well as for leisure.  To handle this huge inflow tourist and business people, hospitality sector need fluent speakers in French to make journey comfortable for visitors.

For learning art and fashion designing – 

Anyone with interest in fine arts and fashion designing will go to France for further studies. And since French people are not well versed in English, it makes sense to know the French language for easy assimilation into the French culture.

Growing service sector in India and need for spoken English language —

Service sector is the fastest growing components of the Indian economy. The need for trained people with language skill is huge in this sector, right from small outlet to big aviation companies. There are number of jobs, where the only   criteria, which helps a person to get  the job is, fine communication skills in English or one foreign language .  And this demand will grow only in coming years as economy grows. 

Duration of learning French and English speaking –

All institutions start from the basic and then gradually move toward advanced course in both the languages.   The basic course is of one to two months duration. 

Fee of the course – it varies from institution to institution 

 language course  in Delhi-- 
French language course in Delhi

Though numbers of intuitions have come up, a good French language course in Delhi employ latest tools like computerized lab and focus on speaking aspect of the language from the start. 

English speaking course in Delhi

The knowledge of English grammar will never make a person speak the language fluently, if the right spoken techniques are not employed in the institute. Only few .English speaking course in Delhi   employ creative ways to impart speaking skills, such as role plays and encouraging students to speaks on daily tops from the day one .   

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