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Why To Learn French Instead Of Spoken English in Delhi & NCR region?

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English can be most taught language across the world, but is only English speaking proficiency is enough for students or working professionals to survive the global job race? As a language of globalization, music and technology, why to learn second language other than English for people living in developing countries like India? The second language we are consideration here is French language both written and spoken. Why it can be useful to learn French than master the art of speaking English? For competing job in global market, the professionals in India can learn French language that can be useful in lagging the developing competitors in the race of global jobs far behind.  

English Speaking Course in Delhi

English is one of the most taught languages in India that generates a lot of competition as thousands of students learn English every day. The students can learn English speaking with British or American ascent through certification, degree and diploma short term course English Speaking Course in Delhi.  Besides getting increment or job promotion in your current jobs, the English speaking with correct ascent can help you to get highly paid jobs in BPO and KPO sector in Delhi ncr regions.

The French language is easy to learn and it is not as popular in India as English language. Hence the competition is very less and the spoken and written knowledge of French language is associated with many job opportunities associated with it. Let us discuss some of the opportunities and benefits associated with French language. 

As per recent studies, the French language is spoken among 175 million people across the forty one countries. In addition to this, French language is one of the most used in social networking sites and internet. The French language is associated as official working language in hundreds of international organization. Excellent job opportunities and optimum salary potential, the French language is second most taught after English in India. 

About 50% of the words from the English dictionary have their French origin. Some of the jobs opportunities associated with French language are international business. In addition to this, the French languages can help students or working professionals can get jobs in various international agencies.  After learning the French language, the students or working professionals can be highly paid jobs in tourism & hospitality industry. The students or professionals after learning professionals can get jobs in Diplomatic service and French research institutes. Highly paid jobs are associated with post office and teaching in various university & colleges. 
French Language Course in Delhi
Translation and interpreter are other jobs associated with students and working professionals, after learning French language. As per the recent surveys, it was reported that many writings in humanities and social sciences from France.  Many international & government organizations are associated with jobs in associated with French language. French language can be learned through short term, certification or diploma French Language Course in Delhi.

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